This section specifies our in-store policies and these policies are effective at all our store locations in Pennsylvania.  Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for policies concerning our website.  

No Loitering or Soliciting

For the safety and security of our store associates, at no time shall shoppers or visitors loiter in the store. All stores are equipped with video cameras that are monitored off-premises by our corporate security department. Distribution of any type of materials and solicitation are strictly prohibited!

Quality Assurance

For safety and health reasons, all battery operated toys and items are tested and inspected before they are put on the sales floor to assure they work at time of purchase. We do this because of the strict NO RETURN policy to comply with state laws.

Holiday Hours

Our stores are closed on most major holidays and have restricted hours the day before. Please contact the store for individual store hours.

Age Restrictions

Due to age restricted merchandise carried in our stores, all patrons must be at least 18 years of age and must show proper ID. Proper ID consists of a state issued driver’s license or ID card. Anyone under the age of 25 can be expected to be carded. While 2/3 of our store is not age restricted, we find it easier to keep track of the shoppers by only permitting adults in the store. To comply with state laws, it is also illegal to bring minors including babies into the store. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Payments accepted include cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Apple Pay.  Personal checks are not accepted. Cash is always welcomed. 


DVD Returns

Unopened DVDs may be exchanged for another title of the same value within 15 days of purchase, receipt required. Opened DVDs will be exchanged only if defective, and will be replaced with another copy of the same title. NO cash refunds! 

For return purposes, a defective DVD is one that: Is unviewable, will not load, has no sound, or has an unintelligible voice track, providing that such defects affect more than one minute of the total play time.

While digital video is largely error free, occasional pixelization or temporary freezing of a screen is considered normal, and will not be grounds for return unless it falls under the above definition.

Before contacting us regarding a defective DVD, please consider the following:

• DVDs are intended for play on a dedicated home DVD playback unit. Customer accepts all risks for problems that may arise when attempting to playback a DVD on a game console, computer, or other alternative playback device.

• DVDs exhibiting evidence of abuse will not be accepted for exchange. Excessive fingerprints, pet hair, and cracks, uncharacteristic scuffs or heavy scratches make it impossible to determine whether a DVD is defective due to a manufacturing defect, or due to improper handling. Please be sure to handle your DVDs with care, touching them only on the edges, and storing them in the provided case or a storage device recommended by the manufacturer.

• If your DVD player is experiencing difficulties in reading a disc, please use an approved device to clean your player BEFORE contacting us for an exchange.

All other products

ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  Absolutely NO cash refunds! 

All battery operated items have been tested prior to stocking, in order to ensure proper operation. You may request a store associate to test the item at check-out as a precaution.  Any product, including the ones listed below, that touch any bodily fluids or any part of the the body are not returnable or exchangeable.  No Exceptions! 

What if my item is defective? 

Due to health regulations, safety concerns, and the risk of tampering, the following items CANNOT be returned under ANY circumstances: Vibrators, Dildos, bullets, eggs, strap-ons, rabbits, erection rings, penis pumps, love dolls, massage oils, lotions, lubricants, any edible products, stimulants (pills, drinks), body cleansers, digital scales, tobacco grinders, condoms, shoes, hosiery, lingerie, wigs, tobacco pipes, and electronic cigarettes. Upon purchase, these items IMMEDIATELY fall under the manufacturers’ warranty, where applicable. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, or how it applies to your purchase, please contact our Customer Support Department at 610-266-3101.  

Defective products other than listed here will be replaced with an even exchange of the same item, subject to in-stock availability. 

Items damaged by misuse, abuse, neglect, and/or tampering cannot be exchanged.

Most manufacturers offer an extended 30-90 day warranty on their products. Please refer to your products packaging, and/or operating instructions for information as to whether your product is covered, and how to file a warranty claim, if necessary.

Returning Non-Defective Items

We do not accept product returns for non-defective items. All sales are final. No exceptions!

Can I Take Photos or Videos In The Store? Photos and videos are not permitted in the store. 

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